PBSM is a sales and merchandising service provider in South Africa, established in June of 2011.  We are effectively representatives for manufacturers and importers in the retail and wholesale sectors of the FMCG and CPMG (General Merchandise) Industries.  PBSM initially offered its services exclusively in the Western Cape region.  In 2016 the company began to forge affiliations and associations nationally; as a result, a national framework of Sales and Merchandising Agencies was formed in South Africa, namely NARSMA. NARSMA is an acronym for a "National Affiliation of Regional Sales & Merchandising Agencies", to which, PBSM is a member.  More recently PBSM has released its first licenses to the Free State, Northern Cape, North West Province and Limpopo, which offices are to commence in January 2017 (see image below).  Combined nationally, PBSM covers 5 regions in South Africa and forms part of a national framework, servicing 9 regions combined. The good news for the industry is that the FMCG and CPMG Manufacturers and Importers (Principals) now have another option for a national service provider. Principals seeking to make a change should perhaps consider the question, why be considered a "B" or "C" level of significant's Principal, when they can be an "A".  For more information about PBSM contact us or for more information on NARSMA, click here.

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